BFC in February

3rd March 2017

BFC teams were recently in action in two different locations across Moscow.

BFC County played in their first friendly match of the season against ФК ‘Мяч’. It was an evenly matched contest, with goals galore at either end. Several players were playing in their first competitive match for British Football Club, and the excitement in their faces was there for all to see. M.van der Meulen was the star of the first half, scoring a hat-trick thanks to his quick thinking and fantastic finishing skills. In goal for County, Korischenko made some fantastic saves, and debutant Sidnev never stopped running (despite picking up a yellow card for an over-zealous tackle!). In the second half, County began to play with more confidence and freedom, with Hili and Rumyantsev both getting on the scoresheet. Petrov made some fantastic runs into space to create some chances to get himself on the scoresheet, but some last gasp defending by County’s opponents was just enough to prevent him. Overall, however, every player can be delighted with their efforts against a similarly matches opponent that County will look forward to a rematch against in the near future. The score was BFC County 7-5 ФК Мяч.


jCECUeMdrpwWXuGlYrBo58_vevevY067pHSCYyiIr-0 BFC Rovers on 18.02

In the Russian Youth League, BFC Rovers were playing two matches, under the guidance of Coach Andy. The first game for Rovers was an extremely difficult game, with only 6 players and playing against a very good team. Rovers battled very well and were competitive at the beginning of the first half. However, a momentary lapse of concentration allowed the opposition to take advantage and score some quick goals towards the end of the half. The team spoke at half time about the importance of staying switched on, focused and trying our best for the whole half, not just some of it. In the second half Rovers had a good start and a good finish, but again, the team lost some focus and conceded some very quick goals. It is very important that they give it their all throughout every minute of every game if they want to improve to the best of their ability!

In the second game, Rovers’ movement off the ball improved considerably. The opposition were not as good as the first game which gave us a little more time on the ball. We were more comfortable on the ball and more confident to try some tricks and dribbling skills. Some quick thinking and quick kick ins gave us 3 of our goals. Wrong and Saraev were both able to score incredible hat tricks and this gave us a very comfortable 6-1 win.

Throughout the day Saraev showed some great dribbling skills and good game intelligence to help us lot in defence. Hili showed some great turns and skill to get away from pressure. Wrong’s movement off the ball, especially in the second game helped us to score a lot of goals. Nevredinov was able to dribble at speed with little touches which caused the opposition a lot of problems. P.van der Meulen never gave up and his speed gave the defence a lot of trouble. His speed also helped Rovers win the ball back very quickly. Kolodiejski’s reading of the game in defence was superb. She was very calm under pressure and was able to play the correct pass to space on many occasions. Ponicki also made a lot of blocks in defence and had a great run at the end in which he was unfortunate not to get a goal. And Petrov was a leader in defence and as a goalkeeper. He was able to make a lot of passes out from the back which helped the team greatly.

BFC 2017 Opening MatchBFC matches on March 4th, 2017.