BFC v Strogino 13.11.16

15th November 2016

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Saturday 12th November saw a mix of four BFC teams to play two matches. We all observed a minute silence to remember all those who died to defend our freedoms – from WW1 to the Great Patriotic War and the present day conflicts.

BFC County enjoyed an excellent match, ending the match with a comfortable 6-1 win. The first half started at a frantic pace, BFS passed the ball well and created the better chances, scoring two deserved early goals. Strogino’s squad had some excellent individual dribblers and forced a few chances of their own, but the BFS back line stood strong, with Giles and Van Der Meulen standing strong in the back line. This solid performance allowed the attackers to express themselves, with Coombs making it 3-0 just before half time with her first ever goal for British Football Club!

The second half was just as impressive as the first, BFS passed and moved very well, as well as showing some excellent individual ball work. Saraev had an excellent midfield display, combining well with Lokyukhov and Metelskiy. Another three goals for BFS and a consolation goal for Strogino meant that the match finished 6-1. BFS will be very happy with their afternoon’s work, coupling a solid defensive performance with some excellent passing football going forward. Well done team!

A combined team of Rovers and Rangers competed against Strogino 2007.
The first half began at a frantic pace, with both sides attacking well. BFS took an early lead with three goals in quick succession, from a combination of good attacking football and an inexperienced Strogino backline. Navarette and Saraev in particular pressed the ball and punished their opponents well with some well taken goals. At the back, BFC coped well with a rather unorthodox method of attacking from Strogino – their goalkeeper took the ball out of his area, dribbled around several BFC players and surprised Popov in the BFC nets by smashing the ball into the top corner. A 5-1 lead at half time was a fair reflection of the half.

The second half followed a similar pattern. BFS and Strogino employed opposing methods of attack, with BFS using passing and moving while Strogino were more direct in their approach. Goals from Sutton and Smyslov ensured that the home team’s domination of the match was reflected in the scoreline – a comfortable 9-2 win! An excellent performance to cap off two good matches for British Football Club!

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