25th October 2015

Many new players joined the BFC Rovers and BFC City teams as took part in a friendly tournament during October, and others joined the BFC Albion ranks as they participated in their first friendly match.

On a chilly day at Tagansky Park BFC Rovers were led by Coach Richard. Captained by Alex image-300x254Vanthier in defence, the team started well against TagSport with great work by Misha Khannan and Egor Moskalyuk on the wings. An early pain in the opponents’ side, soon Misha had his hatrick after some classy finishing, and Vanthier and Egor Moskalyuk two each, 7-0 at half-time.
Richard changed the team and allowed Pedro Zamudio, who had been strong in defence, and debutante Roman Schröder to be unleashed into more attacking roles. Some very good movement and passing led to more chances and soon BFC Rovers were into double figures, with Zamudio bagging three and Moskalyuk one more. The match temporarily stopped with a late consolation goal to TagSport. Then after some confusion by the tournament organisers about which opposition Rovers should play next, we decided to simply play a final third with TagSport. This time the match was more competitive, with several older players bolstering the TagSport team. Rovers went 2-0 through goals from Khannan and Zamudio, but again conceded late on to make the final score BFC Rovers 13 v TagSport 4.

17.10.15 – BFC ALBION v SCHOOL 83BFS v DKF Dusof, 10.09.16